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Kix2Exe is a console application to package KiXtart scripts into self-executing (.exe) files. Besides the Kix2Exe, a graphical frontend for Kix2Exe (called Kix2Exe-Gui) and a portable U3-version are also available.

There are several reasons why one would like to package their KiXtart scripts:

  • Ease of distribution: include all your script dependent files in a single (and small) executable file;
  • Ease of execution: no need to include batch files or specify commandline parameters to execute your script, just doubleclick the executable and your script is being executed;
  • Source code protection: scripts are pre-tokenised and password protected before they are included into a CRC-protected executable;
  • Added functionality: like automatic registration of the Kixforms.dll, the use of balloontips from within KiXtart scripts and resizing the console window to optimally suite your script output;

You can find more information about Kix2Exe on the About page.


Kix2Exe is a console application but a GUI can be downloaded from this website. By using this graphical frontend there's no need to work on the commandline to package KiXtart scripts with Kix2Exe. Below you can find some screenshots of Kix2Exe-Gui.

Packaging a script with Kix2Exe
Setting packaging settings with Kix2Exe-Gui
Packaging a script with Kix2Exe-Gui

Latest News

Kix2Exe 1.4.3

Added: August 2nd 2010

Kix2Exe 1.4.3 is available for download.

Kix2Exe 1.4.2

Added: February 12th 2010

Kix2Exe 1.4.2 is available for download. It's now possible to register Kixforms.dll to HKCU on Windows Vista, 7 and 2008!

Kix2Exe 1.4.1

Added: November 25th 2009

A new version of Kix2Exe is available for download. This release fixes three bugs.

Kix2Exe-GUI 1.1.1

Added: October 10th 2009

A new version and Kix2Exe-Gui is available!

Kix2Exe for U3

Added: September 29th 2009

The U3-installer for Kix2Exe is updated with the latest versions of Kix2Exe and Kix2Exe-Gui. See the download page.