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Kix2Exe is a commandline application to turn KiXtart scripts into self-executing (.exe) files.

Within this process an executable file is created that contains a pre-tokenised and password-protected version of the KiXtart script, a copy of kix32.exe (or wkix32.exe) and an icon file. The inclusion of other files depend on specified parameters, ie regsvrex.exe is only included when you specify the kixforms parameter. See the list of Kix2Exe packaging parameters for more information.

The picture below should give you an idea what a packaged script after the packaging process looks like:


Bold items in the picture above are required to run and thus always included into the package.

Used Components

Kix2Exe uses the following third party software :

Note: The KiXtart executables (wkix32.exe and kix32.exe) and the Kixforms Classic DLL (kixforms.dll) are not included in the Kix2Exe installation. You have to add these to the installation folder yourself. All other required software is included. See the installation instructions for more information.