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Here's a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) I receive about Kix2Exe:

Q: Is Kix2Exe a KiXtart compiler?
A: No. A compiler creates machine code instructions. Kix2Exe creates a SFX type executable containing (at least) the pre-tokenised version of the KiXtart script and a copy of kix32.exe or wkix32.exe.

Q: I really like Kix2Exe, how can I help?
A: Click here. :)

Q: I just downloaded Kix2Exe, now I get 'missing required component wkix32.exe', help?
A: Check the installation instructions.

Q: Does Kix2Exe support Kixforms.NET?
A: Depends on what you mean with 'support'. Kix2Exe is able to package KiXtart scripts that contain Kixforms.NET code (which is 'normal' KiXtart code). If you mean if Kix2Exe is able to automatically include and register the Kixforms.NET DLL by calling the K2E_RegisterKixforms() UDF, the answer is no. Support to automatically register Kixforms.NET is on my wishlist though.

Q: I've included some files in my package, where are they located during script execution?
A: Use the @SCRIPTDIR macro to reference to the location of the files.

Q: Will Kix2Exe work with Windows Vista?
A: Kix2Exe should be compatible with Windows Vista since version 1.2.0.

Q: Will Kix2Exe work with Windows 7?
A: Kix2Exe should be compatible with Windows 7 since version 1.4.0.

Q: Is it safe to include runas credentials into the package?
A: Depends on your definition of 'safe'. If you're in a high security environment its probably not a good idea to use this feature. However, credentials are not included to the package in plain text though. A CPAU jobfile is created and included that contains an encoded representation of the specified username and password. Here's a sample jobfile so you can see what kind of information is included into the package.

Q: How can I preserve the folder structure when including files into the package?
A: This feature is on my todo-list. Alternatively, you could include your own SFX package into the package as a workaround.

Q: Can I use use an icon that resides in a DLL file?
A: Try Resource Hacker to extract the icon first.

Q: I've added the packaging settings comment block to my script with ScriptCfg, now what?
A: Basically just run Kix2Exe with the /s and /us parameters. Read more about it on the editor integration page.

Q: How can I access the exitcode (errorlevel) set from within the script?
A: To set the errorlevel from within your script use the KiXtart commands Exit or Quit followed by the errorlevel value you would like to be returned (ie. Quit 1). Note: you need Kix2Exe 1.3.0 or up to use this feature.

Q: Can I first pre-tokenise the script myself and then package it with Kix2Exe?
A: No, that won't work because Kix2Exe need to access the original Kixtart code to add certain KiXtart code (like Kix2Exe variables and UDFs for instance) to the script. Also, reading the packaging settings comment block within the script is only possible if the script is available in plain text (untokenised).

Q: I see I can download Kix2Exe and Kix2Exe-Gui, what's the difference?
A: Kix2Exe is a console application that is able to package KiXtart scripts into executable files. Kix2Exe-Gui is a graphical front-end (add-on) for Kix2Exe to make using Kix2Exe a bit easier. Kix2Exe-Gui requires Kix2Exe to package scripts. So you always need Kix2Exe, Kix2Exe-Gui is optional.

Q: I constantly get the message 'Error: Failed creating package <package name>. How can I solve this?
A: It appears that some AV-definitions of the eTrust AV-scanner incorrectly identify the System.dll Kix2Exe component (from the bin\k2epack\Plugins folder) as the Win32/Loodok!generic.2 virus and thus remove the System.dll from the installation folder. Try updating your AV-definitions or exclude the file (or folder) in your virusscanner and make sure that you restore System.dll to the bin\k2epack\Plugins folder.

Q: I get the error 'ERROR: undefined variable [sid]'. What's going on?
A: This error message is caused by a bug that is fixed in Kix2Exe version 1.4.2.

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