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How to use

This page shows a few examples about how to use Kix2Exe. Kix2Exe is a console application, which means it does not have a GUI and must be controlled by passing parameters to it.

Using Kix2Exe is fairly easy and self-explaining (I hope). So let's get started!


Here are some examples on how to use Kix2Exe:

example 1

c:\>kix2exe /script myscript.kix

This will package myscript.kix into myscript.exe in the current folder.

example 2

c:\>kix2exe /script script.kix /kix kix32 /consoletitle "MyExe" /icon myicon.ico

Creates a package with a console title "My Exe" and a custom icon, kix32 is used.

example 3

c:\>kix2exe /script myscript.kix /include @myproject.txt /branding-name "My Project"

This will include the files mentioned in the file myproject.txt and sets the Name field on the version tab of the package with the value "My Project"

example 4

c:\>kix2exe /script myscript.kix /include file1.exe,file2.exe /kix kix32 /consolesize 800,600

This will include file1.exe and file2.exe into the package, upon execution the console window is resized to 800x600.

example 5

c:\>kix2exe /script myscript.kix /runasuser MYDOMAIN\admin /runaspassword mypwd /consolehide

The script myscript.kix is packaged into myscript.exe, a CPAU jobfile is created and included in the package. The console is hidden when the package is executed. More information about CPAU and the security risks involved in using jobfiles can be found on the CPAU instruction page. I've put online a sample jobfile so you can see what kind of information is included into the package.

example 6

c:\>kix2exe /script mykixforms.kix /package mykixforms.exe /kixforms /balloontips

The script mykixforms.kix is packaged into mykixforms.exe. Kixforms.dll is included into the package and balloon tip control is enabled. The UDFs K2E_SetBalloonTip(), K2E_RegisterKixforms() and K2E_UnregisterKixforms() are added to the script.

example 7

c:\>kix2exe /script script.kix /usescriptsettings

The script script.kix is packaged according to the settings specified in the packaging settings comment block.

Note: A graphical frontend for Kix2Exe called Kix2Exe-Gui is avaiable for download. With the GUI you can package your scripts with the click of the mouse (okay, two clicks and some typing maybe..).