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Besides packaging your scripts from the commandline using kix2exe.exe, a graphical frontend for Kix2Exe, called Kix2Exe-Gui (kix2exe-gui.exe) is available. By using this graphical frontend there's no need to work on the commandline to package your scripts!

Note: Kix2Exe-Gui requires Kix2Exe to function. The GUI is 'just' a frontend application to easily read, configure and write packaging settings to scripts and to package scripts to executable packages without manually typing in a whole list of parameters on the commandline. Of course existing functionality like editor integration is still available in Kix2Exe.

Kix2Exe-Gui Features

Kix2Exe-Gui has the following features:


Here are a few screenshots of the GUI:

Setting packaging settings with Kix2Exe-Gui
Packaging a script with Kix2Exe-Gui


Kix2Exe-Gui accepts the folowing two parameters:


kix2exe-gui.exe /script="c:\dev\myscript.kix" /read

Tip: use the new Shell Integration functionality available in version 1.1.0 and up.


Installation instructions can be found on the How to Install page.


Todo-list for Kix2Exe-Gui development:

If you have suggestions to improve Kix2Exe and / or Kix2Exe-Gui, please use the contact form or the Feedback function in Kix2Exe-Gui (menu Help > Send Feedback).