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Kix2Exe is a console application which means it does not have a graphical interface. However, a GUI for Kix2Exe is available as a seperate download. Without making use of Kix2Exe-Gui use the list of parameters below to package your scripts.

List of VALID parameters

Here's a list of valid Kix2Exe parameters:

balloontipsbtEnables balloon tip support, the K2E_SetBalloonTip() UDF is added to the packaged script. Call the UDF to control balloon tips in the traybar./balloontips
batchmodebmEnables batch mode packaging, errorlevels returned: 0 = package created successfully, 1 = package created but one or more warnings occured, 255 = package not created; something went wrong./batchmode
branding-companybySets the company string field on the version tab./branding-company "My company"
branding-copyrightbcSets the version field on the version tab of the package./branding-copyright "(c) 2006 by My Company"
branding-descbdSets the description field on the version tab of the package./branding-desc "My Project Package"
branding-namebnSets the name field on the version tab of the package./branding-name "Project 01"
branding-prodverbpSets the Product Version string field on the version tab with the string value specified./branding-prodver 1.0
branding-vernumbuSets the version number field on the version tab. The version string must be formatted like: x.x.x.x (where x = number), default :
branding-versionbvSets the version field on the version tab of the package./branding-version "v1.00"
consolehidechHides the console window./consolehide
consolesizecsResizes the console window to specified size. Specify width and height in pixels - kix32 only/consolesize 800,600
consoletitlectSpecifies the title for the console window, only in combination with kix32./consoletitle "My Script"
help?Shows the Kix2Exe Help dialog./?
iconiThe filename of the icon to be used for the package, if omitted kix2exe.ico is used./icon myicon.ico
includeinIncludes files into the package, specify an @include file or a list of filenames seperated by a comma. During script execution included files are available at @SCRIPTDIR./include @includelist.txt
keepconsoleopenkcThis parameter will keep the console window open after the script is done executing until the user presses a key - kix32 only./keepconsoleopen
kixkSelects the KiXtart processor to be used for the package, specify wkix32 to create a consoleless package or kix32 to create a package with a console window. Default: wkix32/kix kix32
kixformskfEnables Kixforms Classic support, Kixforms.dll is included and the UDFs K2E_RegisterKixforms() and K2E_UnregisterKixforms() are added to the packaged script. Call these UDFs to temporarily register and unregister Kixforms.dll./kixforms
packagepThe name of the package to be created. If ommited the name of the KiXtart script is used as packagename./package mypackage.exe
runasinteractiveriInteractive logon - default : network logon./runasinteractive
runasnoprofilernIf specified the profile is not loaded - only valid with interactive logon parameter specified/runasnoprofile
runaspasswordrpSpecifies the password for the user./runaspassword mypass
runasuserruSpecifies under which user the packaged script will run. The credentials are encoded in a CPAU jobfile which is included into the package./runasuser MYDOMAIN\administrator
scriptsSpecifies which KiXtart script to package./script myscript.kix
uaclevelulSpecifies the application manifest to embed into the package. Valid values for the uaclevel parameter are user, admin or highest. Default value : user./uaclevel admin
usescriptsettingsusReads packaging settings from the script. Check this page for more information about using this parameter./usescriptsettings